Study on the Parameter Decision of Spring-viscous Dampers for Torsional Vibration Reduction of Diesel Engine Shafting System
디젤엔진축계 진동저감을 위한 스프링-점성 댐퍼의 매개변수 결정 연구

D.H. Lee, T.Y. Chung, Y.C. Kim, Y.H. Shin
2010 Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering  
Excessive torsional vibrations from marine engine shafting systems can be reduced by using torsional vibration dampers. But in order to be tuned effectively, the dampers should be designed through the optimum design procedure. In this paper, the procedure to get the optimum values of system parameters of spring-viscous dampers using effective modal mass of inertia and stiffness is suggested and the damping is determined by the exact algebra optimization method. The validity of the suggested
more » ... f the suggested method is confirmed through the application to a 1800 kW four cycle diesel engine and generator system. * 1. 서 론
doi:10.5050/ksnve.2010.20.12.1168 fatcat:uf7k5hmvi5blhmt3dxsloh4afq