COFRET'14 special issue of IJEEE

G. Descombes, P. Podevin, Farivar Fazelpour, M. Feidt, T. Morozuk
2014 International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering  
This institution is located in a place full of historical memories, because it includes the state museum of arts and trades. It was founded on 10th October 1794, by an abbot Grégoire. At a visit to the museum, all participants discover, particularly the Lavoisier lab, the Cugnot water vapor heat engine, the Papin experiment, the Adler aeroplane, and other memorable pieces. This Congress appears as a renewed success under the impulse of the French and Romanian communities particularly involved
more » ... icularly involved since the beginning in developing this action. Approximately, one-hundred papers have been selected over the 164 submissions. 63 papers have been proposed for oral presentations, and 37 as posters. All papers have been published in the proceedings of the Congress (1,154 pages, with an ISSN number . This 7th COFRET'14 manifestation is associated with a remarkable participation of North African countries. 42 % of papers have come from North Africa, 31 % from East and Central European countries, 22 % from West European nations. 55 % of the themes are related to non-carbonaceous energies, valorization and storage of heat; 45 % of papers are related to energetics and processes. New themes are also emerging: • magneto caloric conversion of energy, • green chemistry. It appears here curiously that the focus on matter of Lavoisier is retrieved: the sustainability imposes to valorize first the matter (recycling and coproducts), secondly optimal energy uses remaining matter.
doi:10.1007/s40095-014-0137-x fatcat:rrcpecyfhvhtzkj4e2sbcyog3e