Women and their grud habits
Les femmes et leurs habitudes de consommation de drogues

L Nadeau
1979 Santé mentale au Québec  
This work explores the specific relationship in Quebec between prescribed drugs and the users looking particularly into the habits of absorption of women. The data compiled by the Health Insurance Office show no difference in the ratio of prescribed drugs between men and women. The author, in interpreting these results states the recipients of this program of health insurance do not represent the total population of Quebec. Also, the statistics of a treatment center for drug addicts in Montreal
more » ... addicts in Montreal show that most of the treated women abuse the tranquilizers and hypnotic-sedatives obtained through a medical prescription. At last, statistics from a treatment center for alcoolics show that two thirds of admitted women use both alcohol and tranquilizers and for hypnotic sedatives prescribed by doctors compared to 13% of men enslaved by this double use.
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