Juridical Review Of The Judge's Decision In The Credit Agreement Decision (Case Study Of Decision Case Number 40 / Pdt.G / 2019 / Pn.Mdn)

Said Rizal, Veronika Veronika, Yosua Harefa, Cicilia Sitinjak, Gabryel Septani Purba
2021 Proceedings from the 1st International Conference on Law and Human Rights, ICLHR 2021, 14-15 April 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia   unpublished
As for the definition of credit listed in Article 1 Number 11 UU No10/1998 concerning Banking: "That credit is the provision of money or bills that can be equated with it, based on the agreement and loan agreement between the bank and other parties that oblige the borrower to pay off his debt after a certain period of time with interest". How is the juridical analysis of the judge's consideration of rejecting the lawsuit in the verdict case 40 / Pdt.G / 2019/2019 / PN. The method of data
more » ... ion used in the writing of this thesis is through document study and library research method. Data analysis uses qualitative methods that produce descriptive analytical data. Based on the consideration of the Panel of Judges against the lawsuit filed by the Plaintiff with the legal facts revealed in the trial, the Panel of Judges who adjudicate this case states that the lawsuit should be a "resistance" to the process of selling the auction of aset of plaintiffs due to bad credit conducted by Defendant I with the help of Defendant II.
doi:10.4108/eai.14-4-2021.2312878 fatcat:usqqmgd6lvcsfbdh44ywrnsqn4