Scientific Association of Animal Production (ASPA)

Bianca Poli, Giuliana Parisi, Bianca Poli, Manuela Gualtieri, Giuliana Parisi, Paola Lupi, Massimo Mecatti, Giulia Zampacavallo, Gianluca Giorgi, Torger Børresen, Françoise Leroi, Jörg Oehlenschäger (+6 others)
ISBN 978-88-8453-746-1 (online) WELCOME ADDRESS It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome all of you to this 38 th WEFTA 2008 Meeting in Florence and to be witness to this first time for an Italian representative to host a WEFTA Annual Meeting. The meeting title SEAFOOD FROM CATCH AND AQUACULTURE FOR A SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY was chosen to underline the growing role of aquaculture in seafood supply, now approaching about half of the total sustainable supply. The WEFTA 2008 will deal with
more » ... ical and nutritional aspects related to traditional, novel and underutilised species, both from catch and aquaculture going to examine their safety, quality, freshness, deterioration mechanism and preservation capabilities. Stress from catching, rearing, handling, transport, and killing practices is another pressing item both from an ethical point of view and with reference to the final product quality, in perspective of a future application of animal welfare regulations to the EU fish-farming sector. Bianca Maria Poli, Giuliana Parisi (edited by), Seafood from Catch and Aquaculture for a sustainable Supply. Book of Abstracts, ISBN 78-88-8453-746-1 (online), ISBN 978-88-8453-745-4 (print), Session 1. Seafood from catch and aquaculture on the same market place: the consumer perspective Chair: Joop Luten 9:30 F1.01 Østli J., Esaiassen M. and Joensen S. Consumer evaluation of fresh fillets of cod and salmon: a preliminary study 7 9:50 F1.02 Dopico D.C., Tudoran A., Olsen S.O., Sánchez-Alonso I., Moreno P., Borderías J. and Careche M. Connecting consumer preferences with technical product specifications in wheat dietary fibre enriched seafood restructured products 8 10:10 F1.03 Schelvis R., Martinsdottir E., Sveinsdottir K., Verbeke W., Olson S.O., Hokanen P. and Kole A. Is it possible to 'sell' welfare to EU consumers? 9 10:30 Coffee Break Session 2. Seafood from catch and aquaculture: supply and quality Chairs: Anna Badiani and Joerg Oehlenschläger 10:50 F2.01 Solberg C. and Sirnes E. Biochemical changes in muscle, gonad and liver during maturation of farmed cod, Gadus morhua L. 13 11:10 F2.02 Johnsen C.A., Bendiksen E.Å. and Solberg C. Manipulation of growth and quality in underyearling and yearling farmed Atlantic salmon 14 11:30 F2.03 Timm-Heinrich M., Jacobsen C. and Eymard S. Influence of feeding regimes on fish composition and oxidative stability 15 11:50 F2.04 Parisi G., Giorgi G., Lupi P., Zampacavallo G., Mecatti M., Messini A., Barsalini L. and Poli B.M. Effect of partial substitution of fish meal with plant sources in feed on merchantable and nutritional quality traits of sea bream 16 12:10 F2.05 Testi S., Pirini M., Ventrella V., Pagliarani A. and Badiani A. Effect of catching season in the North Adriatic sea on selected fatty acid response to cooking and ensuing true retention values in the edible portion from four species of fatty fish 17 Bianca Maria Poli, Giuliana Parisi (edited by), Seafood from Catch and Aquaculture for a sustainable Supply. Book of Abstracts, ISBN 78-88-8453-746-1 (online), ISBN 978-88-8453-745-4 (print), © 2008 Firenze University Press th WEFTA Meeting X Page 12:30 S2.01 Pastore A.M., Corsi I., De Stefano W., Franchi E. and Focardi S. No significant effect of commercial (animal based) and vegetarian diet on the cytochrome P450 system of farmed gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) despite a significative increase with size 18 12:35 S2.02 Tulli F., Messina M., Calligaris M., Gervasio V. and Tibaldi E. Dietary protein source affects the non muscular components of fillet in rainbow trout 19 12:40 S2.03 Roncarati A., Melotti P., Felici A., Dees A. and Pignata S. Comparison of qualitative traits of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), of different provenance, commercialized by an Italian supermarket company 20 12:45 S2.04 Gonçalves S., Lourenço H.M., Afonso C., Pereira C., Martins M.F. and Nunes M.L. Characterization of main seafood consumed in Portugal 21 12:50 S2.05 Kılınç B.,