Y-chromosomal microdeletions and partial deletions of the Azoospermia Factor c (AZFc) region in normozoospermic, severe oligozoospermic and azoospermic men in Sri Lanka

L. Fernando, J. Gromoll, T. R. Weerasooriya, E. Nieschlag, M. Simoni
2006 Asian Journal of Andrology  
Aim: To assess for the first time the occurrence of Y chromosomal microdeletions and partial deletions of the Azoospermia Factor c (AZFc) region in Sri Lankan men and to correlate them with clinical parameters. Methods: In a retrospective study, we analyzed 96 infertile men (78 with non-obstructive azoospermia) and 87 controls with normal spermatogenesis. AZFa, AZFb, AZFc and partial deletions within the AZFc region were analyzed by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) according to
more » ... ccording to established protocols. Results: No AZFa, AZFb or AZFc deletions were found in the control group. Seven patients in the group of infertile men were found to have deletions as following: one AZFa, two AZFc, two AZFbc and two AZFabc. The relative distribution of these patterns was significantly different compared with that found in the German population. Extension analysis confirmed that the deletions occurred according to the current pathogenic model. gr/gr deletions were found to be equally present both in the patients (n = 4) and in the control group (n = 4). One b2/b3 deletion was found in the patient group. Conclusion: These results suggest that the frequency and pattern of microdeletions of the Y chromosome in Sri Lankan men are similar to those found in other populations and confirm that gr/gr deletions are not sufficient to cause spermatogenetic failure.
doi:10.1111/j.1745-7262.2006.00100.x pmid:16372117 fatcat:ezjlv64di5gmtgiltxvkwu3txu