Evaluation and Validation of Estimated Sediment Yield and Transport Model Developed with Model Tree Technique

Woochul Kang, Kyungsu Lee, Eun-kyung Jang
2022 Applied Sciences  
This study evaluated the applicability of existing sediment yield and transport estimation models developed using data mining classification and prediction techniques and validated them. Field surveys were conducted by using an acoustic Doppler current profiler and laser in situ scattering and transmission at measuring points in the main stream of the Nakdong River located where the tributaries of the Geumho, Hwang, and Nam Rivers join. Surveys yielded estimations of water velocity, discharge,
more » ... nd suspended sediment concentrations were measured. In contrast with models based on the general watershed characteristics factors, some models based on hydraulic explanatory flow variables demonstrated an excellent predictability. This is because the selected submodels for validation, which provided excellent prediction results, were based on a large number of calibration data. It indicates that a sufficient number of reliable data is required in developing a sediment yield estimation model using data mining. For practical applications of data mining to extant sediment yield estimation models, comprehensive considerations are required, including the purpose and background of model development, and data range. Furthermore, the existing models should be periodically updated with the consideration of temporal and spatial lumping problems.
doi:10.3390/app12031119 fatcat:pj4ww2adefbanbsmzhzh77fmpm