Воспоминания, ставшие памятью: композиционная специфика рассказа И.А. Бунина Поздний час

Юлия Павелева
2019 Acta Polono-Ruthenica  
The theme of Russia occupies a special place in the works of Ivan Bunin. He turns to Russia throughout his literary activity. In exile, his forsaken homeland becomes a source of special inspiration for the author, and a main subject for the book of his stories Dark Alleys, where Bunin included his Late Hour. In this short story, the author recalls lost places in his native land. The motive of the journey is plot-forming and connects two layers, which interact in the narrative: the journey that
more » ... appened in the real past, and an imaginary journey. Bunin describes this imaginary journey as if it is happening in reality. The routes of these two journeys include new loci as Suez Canal, Nile, Paris..., which indicates the importance of the idea of geo-poetics for the author. Recollections in Bunin's story Late Hour come up to the Memory, which tramples death. It proves the resurrectional power of art.
doi:10.31648/apr.4874 fatcat:jwivnnfqdvf5zdexnwvtlrtkvq