Thermal effects on slow-roll dynamics

Gert Aarts, Anders Tranberg
2008 Physical Review D  
A description of the transition from the inflationary epoch to radiation domination requires the understanding of quantum fields out of thermal equilibrium, particle creation and thermalisation. This can be studied from first principles by solving a set of truncated real-time Schwinger-Dyson equations, written in terms of the mean field (inflaton) and the field propagators, derived from the two-particle irreducible effective action. We investigate some aspects of this problem by considering the
more » ... dynamics of a slow-rolling mean field coupled to a second quantum field, using a \phi^2\chi^2 interaction. We focus on thermal effects. It is found that interactions lead to an earlier end of slow-roll and that the evolution afterwards depends on details of the heatbath.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.77.123521 fatcat:etzxhfgdbvg4bdornvqot2vh64