A Novel Method for Recognizing Sketched Objects by Learning Their Geometrical Features

2020 jecet  
Free-hand sketching is commonly used for communications by humans as a simple, yet powerful, tool. Sketch recognition aims to classify hand-drawn sketches by machines into known categories. This is currently important, particularly because of recent advances in human computer interactions via portable devices. In this paper, we present and explain a novel method for recognizing sketched object by learning a specific set of geometrical features, and creating a classification for these objects.
more » ... r proposed method is divided into three steps: extracting the geometrical features from a sketched shape; learning the geometrical features; then finally recognizing the sketched object by building a knowledgebase containing the recognized objects with their geometrical features.
doi:10.24214/jecet.b.9.2.21423 fatcat:qwxeurjzmrhnbccyvxdfdvcur4