The Second Hyper-Zagreb Index of Complement Graphs and Its Applications of Some Nano Structures

Mohammed Alsharafi, Yusuf Zeren, Abdu Alameri
2021 Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics  
In chemical graph theory, a topological descriptor is a numerical quantity that is based on the chemical structure of underlying chemical compound. Topological indices play an important role in chemical graph theory especially in the quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) and quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR). In this paper, we present explicit formulae for some basic mathematical operations for the second hyper-Zagreb index of complement graph containing the join
more » ... G1 + G2, tensor product G1 \(\otimes\) G2, Cartesian product G1 x G2, composition G1 \(\circ\) G2, strong product G1 * G2, disjunction G1 V G2 and symmetric difference G1 \(\oplus\) G2. Moreover, we studied the second hyper-Zagreb index for some certain important physicochemical structures such as molecular complement graphs of V-Phenylenic Nanotube V PHX[q, p], V-Phenylenic Nanotorus V PHY [m, n] and Titania Nanotubes TiO2.
doi:10.9734/ajpas/2021/v15i430364 fatcat:5m22aux5ovdpnhea4c6ysthx4e