Compliance with the increased demands on the curing of hardening concrete in the process of transport facilities construction Обеспечение повышенных требований к уходу за твердеющим бетоном при возведении конструкций транспортных сооружений

Solov'yanchik Aleksandr Romanovich, Ginzburg Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Pulyaev Ivan Sergeevich
2013 Vestnik MGSU  
Recently the requirements to the high quality of works for critical groups of buildings are more rigid in Russia. This also concerns the transport structures, which play the key role, such as bridges, tunnels, overpasses and other similar facilities. Particularly high requirements for these structures are: reliability, frost resistance, water resistance, crack resistance and durability. In this article the main principles of providing high consumer properties of these objects are highlighted.
more » ... are highlighted. Modern achievements in concrete researches are used, which are based on scientific studies performed in JSC CNIIS.The main problem in the process of concrete curing is not only in thermostressed state, which depends on the temperature and on the features of structure formation related to the changes in temperature regime of hardening concrete. The service properties of concrete are also influenced by different kinds of thermal stresses, occurring during concrete hardening: submicrostresses, microstresses and macrostresses. A special role in the theory of concrete hardening is played by the so-called own (or residual) thermal stress, which increases or decreases fracture of constructions. With the help of the accounting for these types of thermal stresses, the author shows how to increase crack resistance of concrete constructions without use of extra means of protection from temperature cracks. Furthermore, the author vividly shows, how to consider the magnitude of the temperature drops properly, which occur in concrete and lead to the formation of residual thermal stresses. The research of thermal stresses helps to reduce the cost of the device for additional thermal insulation of concrete, and to achieve high consumer properties of a construction. Positive results from the performed work were used in the construction of a number of transport tunnels in the city of Moscow, which led to the acceleration of their construction and reduced the cost of providing perfect quality of performed works.Рассмотрены вопросы обеспече [...]
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