A Novel Hybrid Method for Face Recognition Based on 2d Wavelet and Singular Value Decomposition

Vahid Haji Hashemi
2015 American Journal of Networks and Communications  
An efficient face recognition system using eigen values of wavelet transform as feature vectors and radial basis function (RBF) neural network as classifier is presented. The face images are decomposed by 2-level two-dimensional (2-D) wavelet transformation. The wavelet coefficients obtained from the wavelet transformation are averaged for finding centers of features. In train process, four output of wavelet transform is analyzed and all eigenvalues of these images is obtained. At next step,
more » ... maximum 10 eigenvalues of wavelet sub images is stored as feature. Based on four sub images of wavelet transform and 10 eigenvalues of each sub image, the length of feature vector is 40. After obtaining features, in the train process for each person a center that has minimum Euclidean distance from all features is selected using RBF function. In fact the features are recognized by a RBF network. For a new input face image, firstly the feature vector is computed and then the distance (error) of this new vector with all centers of all persons is checked. The minimum distance is selected as target face. The proposed method on Essex face database and results showed that the proposed method provide better recognition rates with low computational complexity.
doi:10.11648/j.ajnc.20150404.12 fatcat:uuptajebmzgtfpfvxlu4ovwure