E.P. Borisenko
2016 Amur Medical Journal  
15. Koksal G./ Calcium and vitamin D requirements. In Calcium and vitamin D metabolism A. Hasanoglu published by Danone Institute Turkey Association, 2010 16. Lucasetal. R. M./Future health implications of prenatal and early life vitamin D status.//Nutr.Rev. 2008.Vol.66, No. 12. P. 710-720 17. Lapillonne A. Vitamin D deiciency during pregnancy may impair maternal and fetal outcomes // Medical Hypotheses. 2010. Vol. 74, No. 1. P. 71-75. 18. Lapillonne A. Vitamin D deiciency during
more » ... may impair maternal and fetal outcomes // Medical Hypotheses. 2010. Vol. 74, No. 1. P. 71-75 19. Lewis S., Lucas RM, Halliday J, Ponsonby AL. /Vitamin D deiciency and pregnancy: From preconception to birth. // Mol Nutr Food Res. Abstract Currently, the scientiic literature has increased its interest in vitamin D. Over the last 50 years has published more than 60 thousand articles on the topic have been published. The role of vitamin D in regulation of calcium -phosphorus metabolism in the body is widely known in understanding of the doctor associated with impact primarily on the osteo-articular system and using it for prevention/treatment of rickets in children of the irst year of life [2, 7, 9] . In recent years, were convincing data on the role of vitamin D in many biological processes were discovered and collected. Hormonally active forms of vitamin D, namely calcitriol receptors, found in 40 diferent tissues of the body, where they carry out the regulation of processes of growth and diferentiation of cells, prevent their excessive proliferation and control the synthesis of hormones [1, 2, 8, 9] . Deiciency of this vitamin is associated with the risk of development of autoimmune, inlammatory, oncological diseases, arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, diabetes mellitus, obesity. It is proved that the normal security uncostly efects of this vitamin in the body need the content of 25(OH)D above 30 ng/ml. [1, 6, 7, 8, 9] . It is now known that 30-50% of the population living in Russia, and the United States, is in a state of vitamin D deiciency [1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9] . Purpose-to study the availability of vitamin D in children of diferent ages in the Amur region.
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