Effects of Health Care Reform on Disability Insurance Claiming [book]

Nicole Maestas, Kathleen Mullen, Alexander Strand
BRIEF C O R P O R A T I O N The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will fundamentally change the conditions that influence Americans to apply for federal disability insurance benefits. Because disability insurance confers health insurance in addition to cash benefits, it is an attractive option for many individuals with work-limiting disabilities. At the same time, leaving employment to apply for disability insurance benefits (a requirement for application) can be risky for those who obtain health
more » ... obtain health insurance through their employers, making it a relatively unattractive option for others. By enabling access to affordable private health insurance and expanding access to subsidized public health insurance, the ACA alters the calculus of disability claiming decisions. Whether it will lead to more or fewer applications for disability benefits is not obvious. Research summarized here offers empirical evidence that, on net, disability applications are likely to decrease.
doi:10.7249/rb9769 fatcat:z4kjsby5mjbrjevpf3mg23xuvy