Entropy and statistical complexity in brain activity

A. Plastino, O. A. Rosso
2005 EurophysicsNews  
Another fundamental issue is the proper discriminating measure when two systems are under consideration. In classical information theory, one employs the Kullback -Leibler relative entropy for this purpose which also has its quantum version. These are also additive measures and the Tsallis counterparts of these have been put forward and employed in the quantum context as well [10, 11] . There is promise in future work using the Tsallis approach to problems arising in quantum information theory,
more » ... especially in the areas of quantum algorithms and quantum computing. There has been some discussion of the thermodynamics of information, in particular quantum information. Since there are hints that quantum entanglement may not be additive, and since the concept of entropy has been introduced into the discussion, an examination of maximum Tsallis entropy subject to constraints such as the Bell-Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt observable was studied for purposes of inferring quantum entanglement [5, 6].
doi:10.1051/epn:2005614 fatcat:qnsedbowyjdu3pkif2unanfuqi