Assessment of ground-water quality for physico-chemical, heavy metals & bacteriological (Coliform) contamination in and around Raigarh city

Brajesh K, Masood Alam
2006 Current World Environment  
Groundwater serves as a major resource for drinking,irrigation and industrial use .It is generally considered to be cleaner than surface water.However, several factors like discharge of industrial,agricultural and domestic wastes,land use practices,geological formations,rainfall patterns and infiltration rate affect the quality of ground water in an area and once contamination of groundwater aquifers occurs,it persists for hundreds of years because of very slow movement of water in them. 1 The
more » ... uantity of uncontaminated ground water is deteriorating at an alarming rate in India 2 .As per WHO report,in developing countries,pollution of water has been reported to cause 80 % of human diseases and 30 % of infant mortality. Only after ascertaining the physical,chemical and bacteriological qualities of the samples,the suitability of any water can be determined for ABSTRACT Ground-water quality of Raigarh city in Chattisgarh state was assessed for drinking water purpose based on physico-chemicals, heavy metals & bacteriological (Coliform) parameters. The samples were analysed as per methods specified by Bureau of Indian Standards/standard methods. Physico-chemical analysis reveals that fluoride,nitrate and iron are higher than BIS specified limit at some sampling sites . The samples with high Iron content & other heavy metals pollution was found in groundwater located near sponge iron plant indicating possible metal leaching into groundwater. Bacteriological analysis reveals that coliform organisms were found absent at 5 locations while at 13 sampling locations, they were found in less than BIS specified limit. Four sampling stations were found heavily contaminated by coliform organisms with maximum coliform organisms were found 86/100ml of water sample.
doi:10.12944/cwe.1.2.05 fatcat:3jovohfsnrhhjiob33xwcvasa4