Theodosius, a "látható isten"

Melinda Székely
2019 Belvedere Meridionale  
The religion of Pacatus, author of the panegyric addressed to Theodosius I, has been debated by scholars during the past decades. In her 2003 monograph, Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk came to the conclusion that Pacatus could have also been the author of the poem De cereo paschali. On the basis of the interpretation of this poem, Turcan-Verkerk argues that Pacatus Drepanius should be regarded as a committed Christian author. In my opinion Pacatus, at the time of the composition of the panegyric,
more » ... the panegyric, rather would have accepted the beliefs of (pagan) henotheism. The change in the religious policy of Theodosius I – the incipient tolerance towards paganism which switched to the persecution of the pagans – could have played a part in Pacatus'choice to meet the requirements of the period and those of the emperor in his writings. In the second part of my article I publish the first Hungarian translation of the caputs 15–20 of Pacatus' Panegyricus.
doi:10.14232/belv.2019.1.9 fatcat:wl5kinx7m5d53cogky7tqznwau