Le paradoxe de la mode – entre identité et altérite

Crina-Magdalena Zărnescu, Université de Pitești, Roumanie (crina_zarnescu@yahoo.fr)
2021 Caietele Echinox  
"Far from being a simple social phenomenon, without apparent logic, explicable through pre-reflexive mechanisms, fashion is, according to Gilles Lipovetsky, a form fashion, in other words, a socio-cultural mechanism which designates not only competitive rapports between social groups but also dynamics of individual history. It is full of symbols and signs, and it includes a proper vision of the world and makes a hierarchical distinction which leads to self-assertion. Fashion thus goes from
more » ... rance to essence. In this perspective, our article tackles the poetic-hermeneutical dimension of fashion as poets and poetry theoreticians such as Baudelaire, Mallarmé or Roland Barthes emphasized in their work."
doi:10.24193/cechinox.2021.41.28 fatcat:4mdr5a43onbvbj42tnnp4faxhe