Plemwanal: A communicating computing mathematics generator type

F. Unlu
2006 International Mathematical Forum  
1] Has introduced the notion of I@I. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] have developed, studied and introduced the fundamentals of computing mathematics on 1) Prüfer's type I@I clusters; 2) the notion of knowledge based object -KBO; 3) integration and derivation of KBO; 4) us-crop; 5) us-culture; 6) tuze-channeled KBO for DCP; 7) linear-circular convoluted us-crop I@I KBO cluster generating us-crop; 8) us-crop based compact plasma memory; and 9) us-crop based plemal. Discrete mathematical
more » ... grounds and point set topology backgrounds can be found in [11, 12] . Combinatorial mathematical backgrounds can be found in [13] . This paper develops, studies and introduces some fundamentals of a formal language type that generates a communicating computer mathematics type virtual machine KBO and its remote programming style on us-crop based compact plasma memory by ten definitions, two corollary and one theorem. It is called as plemwanal in this paper. Author claims that plemwanal is a very special communicating computur mathematics type virtual machine KBO and its remote programming style generating language type. It is produced as an extension of plemal for obtaining an artificial intelligently communicating numerical words with antennae. These numerical words with antennae are communicating themselves by broadcasting and intercepting information in the execution time of its substructures. Eeach token numerical word with antennae in each substructure has wireless communication property with each other and with its environment. It is designed for generating remote, parallel, sequential, mobile, distributed, etc. type us-crop based compact I@I KBO cluster plasma memory programming in classical or quantum information processing environment. After plemwanal there is going to be a new FevziÜnlü computing mathematics type.
doi:10.12988/imf.2006.06105 fatcat:y4d5qk5npfb2hjg3azldrfnii4