Wettability, Shrinkage and Color Changes of Araucaria angustifolia After Heating Treatment

Rodrigo Marques de Oliveira, André Brisolari, Almir Sales, Débora Gonçalves
2010 Materials Research  
The effects of thermal treatment on the wettability and shrink resistance of Araucaria angustifolia (Parana pine) were studied from 20 to 200 °C. The contact angles of water droplets on untreated and heat-treated samples were measured by the sessile drop method in the grain of heartwood and sapwood cut in the radial, longitudinal, and tangential directions. A significant increase of the contact angles was verified for the samples from room temperature to 120 °C, in particular in the radial and
more » ... angential directions; at higher temperatures, the contact angles assumed almost constant values. From 120 to 200 °C, the sapwood of Araucaria angustifolia showed better dimensional stability and lower thermal resistance when compared to the heartwood. Variations of color were also studied by using the CIELab system, which showed to be capable of accurately distinguishing samples treated at different temperatures.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14392010000300012 fatcat:rgiw4zckufggpljgukktioesim