Red. Rummet

Annelie Bränström Öhman
2018 Tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap  
The Editorial Office. Editorial Work as Intellectual Infrastructure What are the possibilities and obstacles for editorial work within a neo-liberal university system? Is it possible to meet the demands of a highly ranked peer-review journal and still maintain the creative and imaginative stance of editorial practice and tradition?Against the backdrop of diverse personal and collective experiences as well as fictive representations of editorial thinking and writing within and outside academia,
more » ... his article suggests that there yet remains a subversive potential in the image of the Editorial Office as a site of resistance. It is further argued that editorial work plays a crucial part in the continuous making of intellectual infrastructure, not the least in literary studies. From that perspective the reclaiming and inclusion of editorial skills both in education and in research may be seen as a strategy for change.
doi:10.54797/tfl.v48i4.7459 fatcat:3cgigmqxkbe5bj2bwzrsesng6q