J056046 Numerical Trial for the Windbreaker of Cross Flow type Wind Turbine
J056046 貫流式風車の防風板に関する数値的試作(〔J056-04〕再生可能エネルギー(風力発電)(4))

2013 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
ofEngineering Dannoharu 700 , 0ita ci重 y, 870−1192 , Japan Some windbreaker plates for the Cross fiow − type wind turbine were tried nunlerically by 3 − D LES analysis. The aim of this study is improvement of negative torque in returning blade . The rotor is constructed by 16 blades ( chord length are l55 % of diameter ) . The equations are discretized by Finite volume method fbr space and Fractional step method f { ) r time. As a resuit of analysis , thc best shape was flat plate , and its
more » ... ease rate f ( )r the maximum power coefficient was 40 % . Key VVortts : Wind Turbine , Cross Flow , Finite Volume Method , Torque Fluctuation , Circulation L 序 論
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2013._j056046-1 fatcat:l5bebfbn5ngnfk2yicvqjnqpaq