Prevalence and pathological study of schistosomiasis in sheep in Akra/Dohuk province, northern Iraq

I Zangana, K Aziz
2012 Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences   unpublished
The occurrence of Schistosomiasis was detected by fecal examination (Formalin-ether centrifugalsedimentation technique) and abattoir Survey during a period from October 2006 to March 2007,andhistopathological study. Schistosomabovis was identified with prevalence rate 11.37% by fecal examination where as 1.6% by abattoir survey. Diseased animals exhibited acute clinical signs, which included emaciation, sunken eye, pale mucus membrane and diarrhea. The Infections was more prevalent in age 1-3
more » ... ars 15.9%. The histopathological findings reveal characteristic lesions in blood vessels and some tissues including thrombosis in veinuoles and mesenteric vein and minute granuloma around the eggs in portal area and fatty necrosis in the liver, cystic structure of some mucosal glandsof the intestine containing eggs, with infiltration of mononuclear inflammatory cells in different tissues.