1915 School Science and Mathematics  
SCHOOL SCIENCE AN.D MATHEMATICS timberland in Arkansas, that had been wrongly surveyed, and mapped as lake regions, the case was settled by the presence of living upland trees, as oaks, that D'r, Cowles found growing in the center of the so-called lake area. The fact they were there, showed that no lake could have existed there less than 2,000 years ago. Miss Ruth Williston, of Oak Park High School, told of her experience in presenting Plant Geography in a Botany course. "The Purpose of
more » ... Purpose of Political Geography" was given by Prof. W. S. Tower of the Department of Geography, University of Chicago. He said that political geography is not analytical for its main purpose is not to take apart and reveal the character of all the component elements in a country. It is rather synthetic. Its main object is to show how the various elements in a country work together in the life of the nation, which occupies that country. This involves an explanation of how geographic conditions have influenced (1) the creation of nations as they now are; (2) the relation of nations to each other; and (3) what the different nations stand for today. Political geography is really the geographic interpretation of peoples. The discussion was led by Miss Mabel Stark of Normal, 111. The work of two committees was reported. Mr. Peet of Lewis Institute explained the "Present Status of High School Physiography." Mr. shall High School, both of Chicago, showed pictures that might be used as illustrative material for physiography. The motion was carried to continue the committees another year, and the committee on illustrative material was to find out if textbook companies would furnish enlarged pictures of those shown in their textbooks, to be used as a part of the teachers equipment. The officers elected for the following year were: Chairman, Mr. C. S.
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