Supplemental design requirements document, Multifunction Waste Tank Facility, Project W-236A. Revision 1 [report]

B.D. Groth
1995 unpublished
General revision t o SDRD. See p a g e 4 f o r summary l i s t of changes. El Environmental I * [I 13a. Justification Criteria Change Ex] Design Improvement (mark one) AS-Found r l Facilitate Const. rl Const. Error/Omission rl . Design Error/Omission (1 ~ ~~ 13b. Justification Details General revision t o update FDC revision, changes due t o l e t t e r s o f instruction, issued reports , c r i t e r i a documents , and reference updates. 14. Distribution (include name, MSIN, and no. of copies)
more » ... UD OFFICIAL RELEASE 1 A-7900-013-1 (06192) , I 9 7c k 4 . i
doi:10.2172/39608 fatcat:blumyf4xqrbtjnkzl4qv6dxzhy