Pitfall of FFP parallax parameter accuracy between Euclid and Roman

Makiko Ban
2022 Zenodo  
We presented the expectation of the free-floating planet microlensing observations in parallax between Euclid and Roman (Ban 2020), and here we have extended results for the accuracy of the FFP parameter estimation. The Einstein parallax is a parameter to be derived from the differential light curve parameterised in the unit of time and amplification. We found a pitfall in the accuracy of the Einstein parallax in two different aspects. First, the Einstein parallax is likely overestimated if the
more » ... event peaks at 5-10 days from/to the edge of the co-operation seasons. This overestimation can be reduced by shortening cadence. Second, ~0.5 Earth-mass FFP events seem less detectable than massive/less-massive FFPs than it. This mass issue, however, requires further analysis of the FFP population.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5933239 fatcat:pghmkmympzcujdqwgdx6knllvy