Performance evaluation of service differentiating Internet servers

Xiangping Chen, P. Mohapatra
2002 IEEE transactions on computers  
Differentiated service approach has been proposed as a potential solution to provide Quality of Services (QoS) in the next generation Internet. The ultimate goal of end-to-end service differentiation can be achieved by complementing the network-level QoS with the service differentiation at the Internet servers. In this paper, we have presented a detailed study of the performance of service differentiating web servers (SDIS). Various aspects, such as admission control, scheduling, and task
more » ... ment schemes for SDIS, have been evaluated through real workload traces. The impact of these aspects has been quantified in the simulation-based study. Under high system utilization, a service differentiating server provides significantly better services to high priority tasks compared to a traditional Internet server. A combination of selective early discard and priority-based task scheduling and assignment is required to provide efficient service differentiation at the servers. The results of these studies could be used as a foundation for further studies on service differentiating Internet servers.
doi:10.1109/tc.2002.1047760 fatcat:k53ao643fjgkfmzjj222u3nqr4