Development of an object-oriented DBMS

David Maier, Jacob Stein, Allen Otis, Alan Purdy
1986 Conference proceedings on Object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications - OOPLSA '86  
We describe the results of developing the Gemstone objectoriented database server, which supports a model of objects similar to that of Smalltalk-80. We begin with a summary of the goals and requirements for the system: an extensible data model that captures behavioral semantics, no artificial bounds on the number or size of database objects, database amenities (concurrency. transactions, recovery. associative access, authorization) and an interactive development environment. Objectoriented
more » ... uages. Smalltalk in particular, answer some of these requirements. We discuss satisfying the remaining requirements in an object oriented context. and report briefly on the status of the development efforts. This paper is directed at an audience familiar with object-oriented languages and their implementation. but perhaps unacquainted w~th the difficulties and techniques of database system development. It updates the original report on the project [CMJ, and expands upon a more recent art~cle [MDP).
doi:10.1145/28697.28746 dblp:conf/oopsla/MaierSOP86 fatcat:6dykyrvhgbhzhol4w3x4te6oti