High-Power Widely Tunable 40-GHz Pulse Source for 160-Gb/s OTDM Systems Based on Nonlinear Fiber Effects

E. Ciaramella, G. Contestabile, A. D'Errico, C. Loiacono, M. Presi
2004 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  
We numerically analyze and experimentally demonstrate an innovative and simple 40-GHz source for 160-Gb/s optical time-division multiplexing. The source is based on nonlinear evolution of a sine-modulated lightwave in a Raman-pumped fiber. Proper nonlinear propagation produces the simultaneous soliton generation and compression. High-power soliton-like pulses are obtained with 1-ps pulsewidth. The source can be tuned over 20 nm and it has more than 100-mW average output power. Index
more » ... . Index Terms-Optical communications, optical solitons, optical time-division multiplexing (OTDM), pulse source.
doi:10.1109/lpt.2004.823772 fatcat:2q53y25a7zbjvde6ttzrcpv6dm