Antena Mikrostrip Utrawideband Monopole Patch Segitiga Untuk Aplikasi RF Power Harvesting Pita Frekuensi 1700-2500 MHz

Rizadi Darwis, M Yanuar, Hariyawan, Dan Setiawan
Jurnal ELEMENTER   unpublished
Increasing number of mobile devices that are applied in various fields today requires a power supply that is portable and does not depend on supply from the electricity resources. Technique of energy harvesting appear as a source of energy environmentally friendly , which is an alternative to existing energy sources. Antenna is an important part in build an RF power harvesting. Antenna having the role of change unguided electromagnetic waves into guided electromagnetic waves, then can be passed
more » ... then can be passed on to a rectifier to producing a DC voltage as a source of energy. In the study is done design and making broadband monopole microstrip antenna to the application of RF power harvesting in GSM band frequency at 1800 MHz , 2100 MHz and 2400 MHz (WIFI). Microstrip antenna designed using triangular patches. The simulation results show band of frequencies operation based on a return loss less than-10 db is on 1,13 GHz to 2,66 GHz with bandwidth 80,73 %. The implementation and measurement obtained band of frequencies antenna work for the return loss less than-10 db on 1,09 GHz to