Attapulgite–MXene Hybrids with Ti3C2Tx Lamellae Surface Modified by Attapulgite as a Mechanical Reinforcement for Epoxy Composites

Lu Liu, Guobing Ying, Yinlong Zhao, Yuexia Li, Yiran Wu, Dong Wen, Meng Wu, Minghui Wang, Qingzhong Zhou, Xiang Wang, Cheng Wang
2021 Polymers  
As a member of two-dimensional (2D) materials, MXene is an ideal reinforcement phase for modified polymers due to its large number of polar functional groups on the surface. However, it is still relatively difficult to modify any functional groups on the surface of MXene at present, which limits its application in enhancing some polymers. Herein, one-dimensional (1D) attapulgite (ATP) nanomaterials were introduced onto the surface of MXene to form ATP–MXene hybrids, which successfully improved
more » ... cessfully improved the mechanical properties of the epoxy composites. ATP with appropriate content can increase the surface roughness of the MXene lamellae to obtain better interface interaction. Therefore, remarkable enhancement on the mechanical property was achieved by adding M02A025 (0.2 wt % MXene and 0.25 wt % ATP), which is the optimum composition in the hybrids for composite mechanical properties. Compared to neat epoxy, the tensile strength, flexural strength and critical stress intensity factor (KIC) of M02A025/epoxy are increased by 88%, 57%, and 195%, respectively, showing a high application prospect.
doi:10.3390/polym13111820 pmid:34072885 fatcat:cc3ifyvapnhyffsnfsdo6clqia