Nedim Hodžić, Sanin Džidić
2018 Zbornik Radova Građevinskog Fakulteta  
In accordance with the development of architectural requirements in design of buildings, application of active fire protection measures is being developed making buildings more functional and safe to use. The aim of these systems is to maximize the freedom of open plan design, minimizing the possibility of developing fire within the building. The system of fire curtains has been present since the 1980s, and due to development of technology, it developed from smoke barriers to fire resistant
more » ... iers. This system is an active measure of fire protection, and it is always supported by complementary another system. Fire curtains work when the fire alarm system is activated, creating a fire compartment and thus preventing the spread and development of fire in the building. The application of these systems is very wide. They are applied in specific types of buildings or in a specific and high demanding positions within the building, like air space through floors. It is most often related to open plans where physical barriers, such as walls, create issues in flexibility and actual use. Airports, public garages, hospitals, museums, theaters and other cultural facilities, sports halls as well as other buildings are just some of the examples where this system greatly contributes to the fire protection and freedom of designers in architectural design. A very important aspect of the system is reflected in its application. It is applied within buildings with the aim of creating the fire compartment, but also for external application on the facades preventing the transfer and spreading of fire from one building to another. The system is completely integrated and nonvisible in interior and exterior if appropriately designed and applied. The focus of this paper is to highlight the design possibilities and application of system of fire curtains in buildings.
doi:10.14415/konferencijagfs2018.048 fatcat:sk3ymz2bjrd23hvwhjt2prj2qi