Snehalata Pradhan
2022 International journal of medical and applied sciences  
Shante agnou mriyate yukte chiram jibati anamaya"(Cha.chi15/04). Here Acharya Charaka has highlighted the importance of Agni for life. Without Agni there is no life and if it is in normal condition then man will be healthy always. Again Bagbhatta has described "Roga sarve pi mandagnou".It means almost all diseases are due to Mandagni specially abdominal disorders.Grahani in Ayurveda is called as Pittadhara kala means the seat of Agni,which is responsible for digestion of food. So Grahani may be
more » ... correlated with duodenum which is one of the intermediary digestive organ which carries the main role of digestion. But in pathological condition when there is derangement of Agni it results in Grahani Roga.It is described in classical text books ayurveda as a group of disorders of digestive system caused by impairement of Agni.Its significance is emphasised by its inclusion among Astha Mahagada. The main pathology lies in Dushti of Agni due to indulgence in causative factors. Grahani is described as the Agni Adhisthana by almost all Acharyas. Acharya Charaka has described it occurs with symptomatology like Pakwa-ama-Mala Pravriti (undigested food material in faeces), As Grahani is caused due to Agnimandya the main line of treatment should be to correct the Agnidushti by following Langhana and administering drugs which are Deepana and Pachana in action.It is presumed that "Mustakadi Yoga" is effective in case of Grahani & effectively control the clinical condition associated with this disease which is a formulation of powder of 4 drugs such as Mustaka,Bilwa,Atibisha and Kutaja.All these drugs are predominantly Katu,Tikta-Rasa,Katu-Vipaka,Laghu,Rukshya-Guna.They mainly acts as Deepak Pachak.Thus correct the Agnimandya &may ultimately can correct the Grahani Roga.
doi:10.5530/ijmas.11.1.2 fatcat:z4kygxzs4nam5mvdfgunw2a7ku