The FC2TOOLS set [chapter]

Amar Bouali, Annie Ressouche, Valérie Roy, Robert Simone
1996 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Presentation The AUTO/GRAPH toolset [4] developed in our group was one of the pioneering softwares in the field of analysis and verification of networks of communicating processes. We describe here the next-generation AUTO/GRAPH, consisting of a modular tool suite interfaced around a common file description format named Fc2. The format allows representation of single reactive automata as well as combining networks. This format was developed in the scope of Esprit BRA project 7166:CONCUR2 [2].
more » ... uttermost interest in the new implementation is that most analysis functions are implemented with redundancy using both explicit classical representation of automata, and also implicit state space symbolic representation using Binary Decision Diagrams. The two alternative techniques are shown to offer drastically different performances in different cases, with low predictibility. Then offering both kinds of implementation in a unified framework is a valuable thing in our view. Both FC2EXPLICIT and FC2IMPLICIT commands perform synchronised product and reachable state space search. They can minimize results w.r.t, strong, weak, branching bisimulation notions, and produce the result as an Fc2 automaton. They can also abstract the system with a notion of "abstract actions", each synthesizing a set of sequences of concrete behaviours (in this sense behavioural abstraction can be seen as reverse from refinement). In addition FC2IMPLICIT has a fast checker for deadlocks, IiveIock or divergent states, for which it produces counterexample paths in case of existence, while FC2EXPLICIT allows compositional reduction techniques, mostly in case of "observational" bisimulation min- imisations. We are currently extending these features of FC2IMPLICIT SO that labeled predicates on states, hiding of behaviours irrelevant to specific analysis, and use of side observer automata would allow to check in practice for much wider types of properties, while keeping with the same algorithmic kernel, and with the renewed aim of not introducing an heterogeneous formalism for expression of correctness properties, like temporal logics or #-calculus. The tool suite is completed by the graphical editor AUTOGRAPH, which allows for graphical depiction of automata and networks as well as source recollection of counterexample paths back up to the original graphical network; the FC2LINK preprocessor, which merge multifile descriptions of hierarchical networks into a single file for later analysis and verification; the FC2VIEW postprocessor for
doi:10.1007/3-540-61474-5_98 fatcat:a2skyrt7jrd5hew3542iy53mee