Effect of Electrolyte Additives on Kinetic Parameters of Lithium-ion Transfer Reactions at Electrolyte/Graphite Interface

Akane INOO, Tomokazu FUKUTSUKA, Yuto MIYAHARA, Yasuyuki KONDO, Yuko YOKOYAMA, Kohei MIYAZAKI, Takeshi ABE
2020 Electrochemistry (Tokyo. 1999)  
The performance of the graphite anode of lithium-ion batteries is greatly affected by the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) generated at the first charge. However, there are few studies on the kinetics of the lithium-ion intercalation/de-intercalation reaction in graphite to investigate the effect of SEI. In this study, the correlation between the interfacial lithium-ion transfer resistance (R ct ) and the double layer capacitance (C dl ) of graphite composite electrodes coated with various
more » ... s was investigated. It was found that the value of 1/R ct C dl was different for each SEI, that is, the frequency (or rate) of intercalation and de-intercalation of lithium ions into graphite was different for each SEI. The activation energy of R ct was almost the same for all the electrolyte solutions. These results indicate that the pre-exponential factor of the Arrhenius equation governing the rate of interfacial ion transfer in a practical graphite anode is dependent on the nature of SEI.
doi:10.5796/electrochemistry.20-64048 fatcat:xvne7uwp3favblshqwioutsgny