Reliable Facility Systems Design Subject to Edge Failures: Based on the Uncapacitated Fixed-Charge Location Problem

Yuangang Pan, Yali Du, Zongtian Wei
2014 American Journal of Operations Research  
The reliability of facility location problem has aroused wide concern recently. Many researchers focus on reliable and robust facility systems design under component failures and have obtained promising performance. However, the target and reliability of a facility system are to a large degree adversely affected by the edge failures in the network, which remains a deep study. In this paper, we focus on facility systems' reliability subject to edge failures. For a facility location system, we
more » ... mulate two models based on classical uncapacitated fixed-charge location problem under deterministic and stochastic cases. For a specific example, location decisions and the comparison of reliability under different location models are given. Extensive experiments verify that significant improvements in reliability can be attained simply by increasing the amount of operating cost.
doi:10.4236/ajor.2014.43016 fatcat:glooah7ydfgpbnranmmzwpin7i