Design of Accelerometer Pre-regulation Circuit and Performance Analysis of the Key Components

Hou Zhuo, Wu Yongpeng, Zhen Guoyong
2013 Sensors & Transducers  
Acceleration, an important dynamic parameter, is used widely in researching on aircraft mechanical structure fatigue, shock and so on, as it is in proportion to force and load. Piezoelectric sensor is a kind of sensor that most widely used in measuring acceleration, is also called acceleration sensor or accelerometer, because its impulse response is excellent and is suitable for measuring shock. In this paper, the piezoelectric accelerometer is the research object, because of the advantages of
more » ... mall volume, light weight, wide frequency response, high temperature resistance, good stability and do not need to reference position, it is used widely in aircraft testing dynamic measurement field. The piezoelectric accelerometer is also a piezoelectric transducer, it can change the vibration or shock acceleration to the charge proportionally, According to this principle, in this article, this type of sensor equivalent circuit is proposed, design the Charge/voltage conversion circuit used in accelerometer in acquisition and measurement system, making use of anti aliasing high-order filter circuit based on the actual sensor bandwidth. Analyze the key components like the temperature characteristic of feedback capacitor and its insulation resistances' effect on the switching circuit output in the Charge/voltage conversion circuit. Provides an important testing data and advice for the accelerometer and its preset the principle circuit of the engineering practice.
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