Differential depolymerization mechanisms of pectate lyases secreted by Erwinia chrysanthemi EC16

J F Preston, J D Rice, L O Ingram, N T Keen
1992 Journal of Bacteriology  
The four pectate lyases (EC secreted by Erwinia chrysanthemi EC16 have been individually produced as recombinant enzymes in Escherichia coli. Oligogalacturonates formed from polygalacturonic acid during reactions catalyzed by each enzyme have been determined by high-performance liquid chromatography analysis. PLa catalyzes the formation of a series of oligomers ranging from dimer to dodecamer through a random endolytic depolarization mechanism. PLb and PLc are trimer- and
more » ... ating enzymes with an identical combination of endolytic and exolytic mechanisms. PLe catalyzes a nonrandom endolytic depolymerization with the formation of dimer as the predominant product. The pectate lyases secreted by E. chrysanthemi EC16 represent a battery of enzymes with three distinct approaches to the depolymerization of plant cell walls.
doi:10.1128/jb.174.6.2039-2042.1992 pmid:1548242 pmcid:PMC205812 fatcat:7cwo7xyui5htdhzggp3n4w6h7u