Student Acceptance in Augmented Reality Computer Hardware Learning Media

Eka Sugara, Mustika
Augmented Reality (AR) application has been widely used for educational purposes. This study introduced AR in computer hardware (ARCH) learning media. ARCH is an application prototype which helps student identify computer hardware devices. It was important to measure student acceptance to evaluate attitude toward using and intention to use the application. Student acceptance would be measured using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) approach. The constructs involved were perceived usefulness,
more » ... ceived ease of use, perceived enjoyment, attitude toward using and intention to use. The purpose of this study was to investigate the most significant factors that affect attitude toward using and intention to use ARCH system. The methods consisted of collecting data in the questionnaire form, converted the data result into 5-point range Likert scale, reliability, and correlation test and delivered regression analysis test. The results showed that perceived ease of use was the most significant factor in regards to attitude toward using, and perceived enjoyment was the most affecting factor in regards to intention to use the ARCH system
doi:10.17605/ fatcat:vp2h3wyh7zcm5glhdw56tezvie