Usage of XSL stylesheets for the annotation of the Sámi language corpora

Saara Huhmarniemi, Sjur N. Moshagen, Trond Trosterud
2007 Proceedings of the Linguistic Annotation Workshop on - LAW '07   unpublished
This paper describes an annotation system for Sámi language corpora, which consists of structured, running texts. The annotation of the texts is fully automatic, starting from the original documents in different formats. The texts are first extracted from the original documents preserving the original structural markup. The markup is enhanced by a document-specific XSLT script which contains document-specific formatting instructions. The overall maintenance is achieved by system-wide XSLT scripts.
doi:10.3115/1642059.1642066 fatcat:ohns2ey3kvfopjpyscup7a2nju