Children's Reasoning About the Causal Significance of the Temporal Order of Events

Teresa McCormack, Christoph Hoerl
2005 Developmental Psychology  
Four experiments examined children's ability to reason about the causal significance of the order in which 2 events occurred (the pressing of buttons on a mechanically operated box). In Study 1, 4-year-olds were unable to make the relevant inferences, whereas 5-year-olds were successful on one version of the task. In Study 2, 3-year-olds were successful on a simplified version of the task in which they were able to observe the events although not their consequences. Study 3 found that older
more » ... ound that older children had difficulties with the original task even when provided with cues to attend to order information. However, 5-year-olds performed successfully in Study 4, in which the causally relevant event was made more salient.
doi:10.1037/0012-1649.41.1.54 pmid:15656737 fatcat:h6vkffpooraczo2dz5vqcxmite