A thread monitoring system for multithreaded Java programs

Sewon Moon, Byeong-Mo Chang
2006 SIGPLAN notices  
To assist developing robust multithreaded software, we develop a thread monitoring system for multithreaded Java programs, which can trace or monitor running threads and synchronization. We design a monitoring system which has options to select interesting threads and synchronized actions. Using this tool, programmers can monitor only interesting threads and synchronization in more details by selecting options, and can detect a deadlock. It also provides profile information after execution,
more » ... h summarizes behavior of running threads and synchronized actions during execution. We implement the system based on code inlining, and presents some experimental results. We consider a multithreaded Java program in Figure 1 , which is a running example of this paper. This program creates three threads, each of which synchronizes one object and then tries to synchronize an-
doi:10.1145/1149982.1149985 fatcat:j26osokbungwviuo67nhj25kfm