E-Waste Management- An Overview

Shaila Kamath
2022 Zenodo  
Electronic Waste or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are the ones which are loosely rejected, out-dated, damaged electrical or electronic equipments which are dangerous to the environment and affect the health of the human beings. Therefore Electronic Waste Management is very essential in present day life. These waste electrical equipments can be reused and recycled. Various Administrations, bodies, and governments of countries have implemented and established strategies for
more » ... tronic Waste Management to cope up with the threat of Electronic Waste to the environmental setting and health of humans. Electronic Waste includes non- ferrous and costly metals extracted from the equipments which are out-dated. This paper focuses on E-waste composition, Indian E-waste scenarios, dangerous materials found in the Electronic Waste, Best Practices, reusing, and regaining methods followed in order to safeguard the environment. Electronic waste is a major threat faced by many countries so the government focuses on reducing and eliminating the E-waste by adopting various techniques and best practices to safeguard the health of the humans and environment.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7122968 fatcat:f7fufyamb5eklclohzgjqtpmsy