Effect of N.P.K. on plant growth, spike yield and flower quality of golden rod (Salidago canadensis) L. c.v. GOLDEN GATE

A. Sai Bharath, S. Saravanan, B. Muralidharan
The present investigation was carried out during Rabi season 2019-2020 at experimental field, Department of Horticulture, Naini Agriculture Institute, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Prayagraj (U.P.), India. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design with three replications and 12 treatments of GOLDEN ROD (Salidago canadensis) L. C.v. GOLDEN GATE. T1- N:P:K-75:85:70kg/ha, T2- N:P:K- 75:100:75kg/ha, T3- N:P:K-75:110:85kg/ha, T4-
more » ... a, T5- N:P:K-75:130:95kg/ha, T6- N:P:K-75:135:100kg/ha, T7- N:P:K-75:140:110kg/ha, T8- N:P:K-85:145:115kg/ha, T9- N:P:K- 100:150:120kg/ha, T10- N:P:K-110:160:125kg/ha, T11- N:P:K-125:170:130kg/ha, T12- Control (water spray). Highest plant height (130.3 cm) and plant spread (E-W) (70.7 cm) was obtained from T4- N: P: K-75:120:90kg/ha where as highest plant spread (N-S)(67.27cm) was obtained from T1- N:P:K-75:85:70kg/ha. Highest No. of stocks/plant (15.67), length of the stock (44.13 cm), weight of the stock (56.1cm), no. of days for 50% flowering (82.33) no. of days for 100% flowering (113.0) vase life when kept in water (10 days), vase life of stock when kept in 2% sugar solution (11.67 days) was obtained from T4 - N:P:K-75:120:90 kg/ha as it can be recommended treatment for farmers.
doi:10.15740/has/tajh/15.2/34-38 fatcat:vqhcuyvtgrf7nf23o23zd7k72y