ESPC Operational Implementation and Validation [report]

E. J. Metzger
2013 unpublished
Award Number: N0001413WX20374 LONG-TERM GOALS A fully coupled global atmosphere/ocean/ice/wave/land prediction system providing daily predictions out to 10 days and weekly predictions out to 30 days. OBJECTIVES Task: Design the infrastructure for operational implementation of the coupled system. The main objective of this task is designing the infrastructure for operational implementation of the fully coupled global system. This design
more » ... des scoping the system to fit within the constraints of the operational centers. These constraints include both computational and manpower resources. Determination of the run cycle will take into account the three main forecasts (10 day deterministic, 30 day deterministic and 30 day probabilistic) with data assimilation for the different components to be considered. Data streams, inputs and post-processing also will be considered. APPROACH Working with the operational centers and researchers, an implementation plan will be constructed along with a transition plan. This will cover the run cycle for short term deterministic forecast, long term deterministic forecast and long term probabilistic predictions. The coordination with the operational centers will ensure that sufficient computational resources are available, that proper input data streams will be available and that manpower resources will be committed as appropriate. The resolution of the system components, forecast lengths and run cycles will be adjusted in coordination with the operational centers to fit within expected available computational resources. WORK COMPLETED A document defining a first-look at the operational implementation design for the Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC) has been written, completing this milestone.
doi:10.21236/ada601270 fatcat:an6hzqvupbeujpdrbjuztghpv4