Design and fabrication of 125I seeds for brachytherapy using capillary-based microfluidic technique

Yuan Wang, Miao Zhang, Tong Song, Zhenqi Chang
2021 Nukleonika  
A new kind of 125I seeds with a core-shell structure were synthesized by an easy assembling–disassembling coaxial capillaries microfluidic device. The dose distribution of a 125I brachytherapy source fabricated by arranging six 125I seeds collinearly within a cylindrical titanium capsule was simulated by modelling the source in a water phantom using Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport code. The influence of the motion and the core size of the 125I seeds on the dose distribution was also studied in this work.
doi:10.2478/nuka-2021-0007 fatcat:ubhltfkyvnglvkqc3x36rsxyme