Slim Hachicha Regular paper Induction motor parameters estimation based on the subspace identification approach

Abdessattar Chaari, Maher Kharrat
In this paper, we are interested in the survey of deterministic identification by subspace approach. To the opposite of classic recursive identification method, this new technique is well adapted to multivariable linear time invariant LTI systems described by a state space model, and of consequent order. Founded on geometric and mathematical tools of linear algebra such as matrix projection, QR decomposition and Singular Value Decomposition SVD, the subspace identification method permits to
more » ... mate a state realization directly from the only knowledge of input-output data. One proposes, in this work, to describe the method stages and its application to estimate the induction motor parameters as well as in simulation and experiment. In this purpose, the motor is described by a complex formed model in dq referential. Simulation study and experiment results are presented and discussed.