Comparative Analysis of Composite Materials by Using Finite Element Method

Yogita U. Medhane, Poonam S. Talmale
2017 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Composite is a material consisting of two or more constituents are combined at a ratio of matrix and fiber. Composites are using in most of areas especially in engineering field, in automobile, mechanical, aviation and marine industries. Last few years the scientist are mostly focus on study of composite material and design of components are made with the help of software and experimental analysis because this composite material has high strength to weight ratio. Need of today it to reduce
more » ... t and increases the strength of material. For this we are doing analysis of composite material by finding natural frequencies of material which will refer by few literatures. In this paper study and analyze the free vibration analysis of cantilever beam for the composite as well as steel material are carried out. Natural frequency and mode shape of the plates has been determined using ANSYS 17.1. Also comparative study of Steel, E glass epoxy and FRP is done for stress analysis. These materials are used for vibration analysis to observe the effect of a modal parameters of cantilever beam subjected to free vibration is analyzed with the help of analytical method and results obtained from numerical method i.e. finite element method (FEM) are compared. It is concluded that results obtained from FEM have a very good agreement with results obtained from analytically.
doi:10.17577/ijertv6is080173 fatcat:y4sfazzombaw7booplfickamoe