Usage and user experience of communication before and during rendezvous

Martin Colbert
2005 Behavior and Information Technology  
This paper reports a field evaluation of the mobile phone as a 'package' of device and services. The evaluation compares 44 university students' usage and user experience of communication before and during rendezvous. During a rendezvous, students rated many aspects of the experience of phone use less favourably than before a rendezvous. This impairment of experience is attributed to the cumulative effect of various adverse factors that occur more often during rendezvous -incomplete network
more » ... omplete network coverage, environmental noise, multiple task performance, time pressure, conflict with social norms, and conflict with preferred life-paths. Also, during a rendezvous, students were more likely to use the telephone, less likely to use e-mail, but equally likely to use text messaging, compared to before a rendezvous. This change in usage is attributed to the need to exchange and ground information almost instantly during a rendezvous. Implications for the design of 3G phones are discussed.
doi:10.1080/01449290500043991 fatcat:24orodozovf47akst6p7nvjpkm